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NEW, significantly improved version of one of our most popular designs!

*It's larger!
*Redesigned with a large center hole for much better drainage
*The cups/links are redesigned to hook together with no tools --  very easy to adjust the lengths now
*It's made in 304 high grade stainless steel, then copper plated. It's VERY strong.
*The copper plating will age naturally in the chain's outdoor environment

An elegant lily flower shape hand made in 304 stainless steel, plated with pure copper. Each cup a large hole in the bottom for water drainage. Thick copper links are joined directly to the flower cups to give this chain a unique, substantial design. The copper plating will age naturally outdoors. 

This chain in particular makes a beautiful tinkling sound in a light rain.



Cup Width: "3 1/8

Cup Length: 2"

Bottom Opening: 1"

Standard Length: 8'

Number of Cups per standard length: 19


Recommended Accessory: Copper Installation Kit

Lily Flower

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