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Is A Rain Chain Right For Your Home?

Updated: Mar 27

Rain Chains

Although Rain Chains are a wonderful option for replacing a boring downspout, it's not always the best solution for every home.

​When speaking with customers we have experienced on occasion, where a Rain Chain was not ideal. These cases were,

  • The Rain Chain was going to be attached to a section of down spout that was hanging away from the house and on an angle. It would have been difficult to attach the Rain Chain correctly to allow the water to flow properly over the chain and there was nothing to support the weight of the Rain Chain, especially over the winter months with ice forming on the chain.

  • The location where the Rain Chain was to be installed would not have allowed for proper drainage at ground level.

  • A large roof surface was funneling to a single Rain Chain which would not have been sufficient for handling all the water flow.

  • The Rain Chain would be too close to a wall or structure.

If installed correctly, Rain Chains are really a wonderful solution to replacing a boring downspout. If you are replacing your downspout with a Rain Chain you want to be sure that the style of Rain Chain you choose will be able to handle the same water flow as your old downspout did. For example, if you have a single downspout that was funneling a high volume of water and then replaced the downspout with a link style rain chain, that would not be ideal and not recommended. Link style Rain Chains splash and are not efficient for a large amounts of water and if they are too close to a wall or structure, could potentially do some damage. In cases like that we recommend choosing a cup style Rain Chain over a link style. There are a variety of sizes of cups so choosing a larger cups style is best. Look for the water drop symbols (aka water index) on the product pages of the rain chains - the higher the water index the more efficient the Rain Chain is. Any style cup that has 4 or 5 water drops is best.

Rain Chain Installation Tips

All Rain Chains are shipped with free V-Hooks however, we suggest using an installation kit for all our Rain Chains. Depending on the length and material of the Rain Chain, they can become very heavy, especially in the winter when ice freezes over the chain. For the investment you are making the additional cost of the installation kit is negligible. The installation kits also complete the overall look in regards to the aesthetics of your Rain Chain and they are very easy to install.

Does your installation get a passing grade?

Ensure you are providing a proper method for drainage at the ground level for your Rain Chain. Make sure the water runs away from your house. This is very important. In most cases Downspouts have extensions at the ground level to allow the rain water to flow away from your house. If you are replacing a downspout you no long have that downspout extension so it is critical to make sure you grade the area around the Rain Chain away from your house.

Rain Chains can be attached to the ground using many methods. You can use a bowl, an urn or even a rain barrel. Your Rain Chain can be attached to the ground using a stake into a garden bed or rock bed as well. Always secure the Rain Chain to ground level. Never let the chain just rest on the ground. If the chain swings the rain will not flow well over the chain. Rain Chains also need to be hung completely vertical. If they are on an angle the water will not flow properly down the chain.

With So Many Rain Chain Styles To Choose From How Does One Decide?

Rain Chains are not only functional they can give your house a new, fresh look and amp up the curb appeal of your home. Choosing a style that compliments your home is key. Because Rain Chains are available in many finishes such as copper, plain aluminum, black or bronze aluminum and stainless steel, it's easy to find a Rain Chain that will work with your home's colour palette. If you choose a Copper Rain Chains make note that it will patina over time so you want to make sure that a patina is what you want to achieve.

Once you have established if you need a cup or link style it's just a matter of taste. We have seen a trend with modern homes going with a simple, understated link style however, nature lovers seem to gravitate to our Theme style Rain Chains such as our Acorn or Honeybee Cups. Perhaps you are in the middle - you don't want to go too simple or not too fancy so our Medium Square Cups is a great option, and also our best seller.

Why Are Your Rain Chains So Expensive?

Our Rain Chains are custom crafted in India and in our opinion are superior to many other Rain Chains on the market. We feel the quality of our Rain Chains speaks volumes. We like to refer to our Rain Chains as the Cadillacs of Rain Chains. We could offer an inferior product but that's not what we're about - we like happy customers and to date we have never had an unsatisfied customer.

Rain Chains Make Great Gifts, Right?

Wrong. Giving a Rain Chain as a gift is not recommended. There are too many things to consider such as the length needed, what style of Rain Chain the home owner would like, does the home owner want a Rain Chain and will the Rain Chain even work on their house. Unless the home owner has specifically said they want a Rain Chain our suggestion is to get them a Gift Certificate. That way they can choose the style for themselves and will be able to buy the exact length they need. If you are not sure a Rain Chain is right for you we are happy to answer any questions you have. Rain Chains CHG Where Art Meets Function


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